Bring your unique and

Wonderful Vision

to the World. It's Time To Create!

Painters, Sculptors, From the digital or physical world, 3D and fashion artists, photographers or comic artists. We thought of all creators, of all types and content, when we conceived Artguilds. If you create beauty, you are one of us and this is our gift to you.

Designed by artist

,for Artists.

We created Artguilds, first for us, whose like you that have a deep desire to create, at all times.

We wanted a place where our value is not questioned, where we can enrich others with what we love to do, without impoverishing ourselves, but rather, being what we want to be. And we wish you could do the same.

Visibility to your audience should not be paid,
but based

on your expertise.

Social networks have accustomed us to the fact that sometimes the number of followers is enough to be in the limelight.

But behind these schemes can sometimes be hidden bots, sponsorships, advertisements, or other paid systems that manage to appear before others, without any special merit.

We believe in your talent, that it has value and should be discoverable. That is why our internal management tools are geared towards having artists discovered on the basis of what the visitor likes.

In this way, what will speak is only the value of what you do.  

Meet new Artguilders
and expand your audience.


your stories to those who will

love your content.

The whole idea of Artguilds, is based on the fact that we want more and more artists to be able to connect with those who can love them for what they do, if only there was a platform to create those connections, between audience, fans, and creators.

The more we grow, the more audiences will be able to discover what you do, what you want to show them, and be able to appreciate you for your unique style and beauty.

Now you can Be

a Story Maker.

The world is full of art lovers. They’re looking for new and exciting artwork to brighten up their homes and offices. But they can’t find what they’re looking for if you don’t put your artwork out there. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to be a story maker and get your artwork out there.

Basic Stories

Free for All

Premium Stories

Only for Premium Members

You earn

10 Premium gems


With Premium Stories,
the only limit is your imagination!

Create content of all types and formats. Whatever suits you or the tastes of your followers. But in any case, create what makes you feel good!

Work in progress

Let your fans discover the complexity and craftsmanship behind your work.  


Pass on the know-how of what you most love to do by creating.


Entertain your audience with your voice and the themes you hold dear.

early access

Indulge your followers with special preview content.

special vlogs

For the most influencers among you, grant access to your daily excellence.



exclusive resources

Tools, Resources to enable others to create beauty.

fans-only content

Give those who appreciate you something unique that only they can have.



Create your own publishing ritual, be it a comic book or a video series. Become your own publisher.

...and everything

you can imagine!

These you have read are just a few examples to help you imagine what to create. But the possibilities are endless!

Discover how much

with your Art on ArtGuilds

you can earn

Art is what we love to do…for a living, not as a hobby. That is why, in addition to passion, there is a need to earn money, and with some security. That is why we at ArtGuilds have come up with a new method that allows more money and traceability of what you have earned. 

Calculate for yourself, based on your dedication, how much you could generate as passive income.

Two columns

Discover your Potential Earnings

Your Potential Lifetime Earnings

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"...That the powerful play goes on, and you may

contribute a Verse."

Artguilds is full of artists who enrich the world with the beauty that only they can create, become a creator too and contribute your voice to the world. Let others discover you

The best digital craftsmanship to showcase

your talent.

We developed this platform with exceptional craftsmanship, over 3 years of development. Every element, from design to code, has been integrated to allow artists to enjoy an exclusive user experience, aimed at enhancing the content and its creators. We have built the best digital venue for you to show what you can do!

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Finely-tuned UI Elements
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hours of UX development
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Years of Development

What Our

Beta creators say

What is ArtGuilds?

ArtGuilds was created as the main project of the association/movement/company/ Magnifico (

The project, developed in line with the movement's programme manifesto (, is managed and structured by a dedicated team of Magnifico members.

What does ArtGuilds means?

The name 'ArtGuilds' is not accidental, but recalls the concept of Guilds of the past, as associations of artists who gathered around their area of expertise, protecting their interests, managing their craft and organising mutual assistance.

What is the purpose of ArtGuilds?

Its ultimate goal is to ensure a better existence for true artists all over the world.

To do this, we wish to:

-1) Connect artists with each other to enable them to network, learn about new styles and learn new skills.
-2) Connect artists with their audience, who can support them as patrons in their creative activity.

Is becoming an ArtGuilds member free?

Becoming a member of Magnifico ( is totally free, as is becoming a member of ArtGuilds (

Members, called 'Guilders', can participate in the life of ArtGuilds by interacting with other artists via Stories.

What are "Stories" and "Premium Stories" ?

Each 'Story' is original content of a different nature, created according to the inclinations and skills of the various Guilders, with respect to their competences and the basic principles of the movement.

To support each other, ArtGuilds has created Premium Stories.

Premium Stories are extra, high-value content of a mixed nature, for a fee. This way Guilders 'Creators' can support their creative journey. Premium Stories have a fixed price, and can be unlocked via a digital exchange item, Premium Gems (obtainable via subscription and single purchase).

How much are Premium gems worth in real currency?

Premium Gems have a defined value, which, however, is linked to the market logic of currencies and is therefore subject to conversion and currency fluctuation in the short term. In order to curb the volatility of the market, ArtGuilds, will only consider the value of Premium Gems at large time intervals (monthly).

100 PG are currently valued at = 1,29 €

Note: Since We're still in the Beta Phase, It will probably slightly change over time.

How many Premium Gems (PG) for a Premium Story?

Premium Stories have a fixed value, set in a defined number of Premium Gems.

1 Premium Story can be unlocked with 100 PG

Note: Since We're still in the Beta Phase, It will probably slightly change over time.

How can I become a "Creator"?

To obtain the title of Creator and unlock the creation and earning features in ArtGuilds, you need to meet a few requirements:

1- Have an active and verified ArtGuilds account.
2- Have a curated work showcase page (personal website/instagram/artstation/deviantart).
3- Have a minimum of 1,000 followers and 50 pieces (posts, images/reels) of content on one of the aforementioned platforms* (please note: these minimum requirements will increase as we exit the beta phase).


* This rule, albeit with very low limits, serves to prevent:
- Spam accounts
- Newly created and therefore potentially fake users.
- Accounts of occasional creators who are not active with their communities.
which risk spoiling the overall quality of the platform and thus also damaging the earnings of other Guilders- )

Translated with DeepL

How can I get verified (violet check mark) ?

To verify an account on Artguilds, you don't need to be famous or notable or pay anything. You just need to prove that you are an authentic person, undergoing the verification process you can start at this address:

These data will also be needed to obtain payments and you only need to enter them during account verification.


What Can Be published as "Story" ?

What can be published:
-Original content produced by the Guilder, which includes any kind of personal production such as: resources to programmes/apps, textures, images, videos, podcasts, music, tutorials, pdf..

-It is allowed to publish content related to sex or nudity, but taking care to use the tag "NSFW" ("Not safe for work" ) so that users can filter and hide (via a special button) such content, according to their sensitivity.

What cannot be published:
-Violent/disturbing content.
-Content not in line with Magnifico's Programme Manifesto: -Content generated with A.I. in its stories, not even partially (otherwise we would have to pay the A.I. not the Creator, lol).
-Political/religious/activist content.
-Stories against individuals, communities or ways of thinking different from one's own.
-Damaging digital files for download.
-Files/content that you do not own, stolen or pirated files/content.

Any violation of this clause of the terms of service will result in the user's swift suspension. The user then has 30 days to prove to the staff that he/she is in the right. After this period, the account will be permanently deleted.
During the suspension phase you will not be able to access your account/publish/convert Premium Gems.

Translated with DeepL

How much will I earn as "Guilder Creator" ?

All the Earning as Premium Gems from a Creator's Premium Story flow directly into your Digital Premium Chests, a kind of personal digital wallet, where Guilders can convert Premium Gems into real-world currency.

The total amount of your earnings will mainly depend on how much content and audience you'll have. To have an Idea of how much you will earn, we built a special calculator (you can find it in this above in this page) that shows you all the possibilities.

When can I collect my earnings?

You can convert your Premium Gems into real-world currency starting from 5.000 earned Premium Gems (or 50 unlocked premium posts).


Each premium post : 100 P.G.

So 50 unlocked premium posts = 5.000 P.G.

can we help you?


Contact us to get all the info you need! We are always available to answer any questions you may have about ArtGuilds and what being a creator means.

We would be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about using our platform.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!