Artists and mental health: How to cope with burnout, anxiety and depression

When you’re constantly working, it’s easy to lose yourself in your work.

It’s nothing new that artists often face health problems, both physical and mental. In fact, especially after the outbreak of covid, many artists have decided to seek out psychological support. The artist’s solitary life is a choice, of course, but this often leaves them without the support of others when it comes to taking care of their mental and physical health. By avoiding this care, the repercussions could seriously affect their working sphere. That is why, in this story, we will talk to you about the problems an artist often encounters during their long working hours, in the hope that you will be vigilant and take care of yourself more consistently.

Artists and mental health - Artguilds
Artists and mental health: how to cope with burnout, anxiety and depression

Artists and mental health: Burnout

Therapist: What do you do when you are not drawing?
Illustrator: What a question, I draw.

An illustrator’s psychological session

One of the biggest problems artists face is burnout. When you’re constantly working, it’s easy to lose yourself in your work and forget to take care of yourself.
This can lead to serious health problems, both mental and physical. It’s important to take breaks when you can and to make sure you’re getting enough rest. Otherwise, you run the risk not being able to work at your best.

The remedy to avoid burnout is to have regular working hours and to take breaks during the day.
In this way, work cannot take over the rest of your life.
I know it sounds absurd, but drawing is also a job, and like all jobs, after hours of constant effort, it needs a break.
By taking breaks, you’re giving your mind and body a chance to rest and recharge. This way, when you sit down to work again, you’ll be refreshed and ready to give it your all.


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