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Benefits of drawing: The effects of art on your brain

Both Hemispheres Of Our Brain Work Hard When Drawing. This Is How.

The benefits of drawing on the brain - Artguilds
Benefits of drawing on the brain are tangible and today I will explain why you should start making art for your well-being, to have a better, more serene, more fun, more interesting and more stimulating life and improve quickly your intelligence. There are so many answers to the question: -” Why should I start painting/drawing?”

“Not for fame, not for money, but for yourself.”

Benefits of drawing: Why should I start making art?

1 – Improves Your Concentration

Have you ever watched a child drawing? Looking at him from a distance you will see that he is totally absorbed by that activity as if nothing else in the world existed at that moment. A drawing to be colored, a set of markers – or colored pencils – can even distract children from tv shows and cartoons, and that’s no small thing! The way children concentrate on a creative activity can also be replicated in adults: just give them pencils, markers, or brushes in their hands. Recent studies have shown that the activity of coloring and therefore painting, forces us to think. Focusing on a single activity, eliminating distractions and ramblings, helps us to regain concentration. In this digital era in which we all try to be multitasking, trying to work, read the news, send emails, or writing messages on WhatsApp, being able to find concentration is not so obvious!



Written by Olly Abbott

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