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Claire Wendling’s Book Is The One You’ll Probably Need On Your “Desk” For Your Next Drawing

Claire Wendling, The Famous Muse Of A Lot Of Artists.

Desk by Claire Wendling
Claire Wendling is one of the illustrators we love the most. Cartoonist and illustrator, she attended the School of Fine Arts of Angouleme, a school renowned for the amount of enormous artistic talent that it produces and that conquers the fields of comics and animation in France and United States. Thanks to her delicious and magical style that surpasses the beauty of reality, Claire Wendling is a real star in the world of comics and animation. Every cartoonist secretly yearns to own both one of her sketches and to understand her secrets. Her unique and aesthetic talent is often a reference point for designers who aspire to elevate their style to a new, better level. Her study approach is based on observation and sublimation. The father of the famous Bande Dessinée “Black Sad”,Juanjo Guarnido, once reported that when they worked together, she often sat on the sofa watching documentaries about animals. From the continuous observation and analysis of animal behavior, her very dynamic and real drawings emerged naturally.
Desk, Claire Wendling - ArtGuilds
Claire Wendling, Desk – ArtGuilds

Claire Wendling: Desk

The book “Desk” by Claire Wendling is a particularly, curious edition. Unlike the other published collections, Desk is dedicated exclusively to fantastic and non-fantastic animals. Represented both in their natural poses and ultra-dynamic movements, this collection narrates the wild and tender characteristics of dangerous animals such as leopards, lions, and big-horned monsters, as well as horses and foxes. The book has a semi-rigid cover and it is spiraled, unlike the other editions by Claire Wendling. This feature makes the book as unique as recognizable. Conceived as a sketchbook, the blank pages are totally filled with her sketches. Claire Wendling Art Book “Desk”



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