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Claire Wendling’s Forget Me Not will unlock your art addiction once for all

Claire Wendling’s “Forget Me Not” Is Her Richest Art-Book.

forget me not by Claire Wendling
Claire Wendling is one of the much-loved French living cartoonist and illustrator. She attended the School of Fine Arts of Angoulême, the school from which the greatest and award-winning personalities related to the world of French comics and animation have come out.Claire Wendling became famous for her aesthetic taste, her anatomical extremes due to a fantastic and free imaginary.Every illustrator desire in their lives to find the secret of her talent and aesthetics. Whoever says “No”, is lying! As she recounted in an interview, her talent is site in a peculiar observation of things.She loves to sit on the sofa and watch naturalistic documentaries, from which she studies the anatomies of the animals and their behaviors. After absorbing them, she plays with her pencil on a simple low-cost sketchbook to avoid that feeling of making a bad drawing on an expensive paper.Claire once said: “-I start drawing one little thing, then from time to time I see the context and add more things to it, and the drawing becomes bigger and complex.”
Claire Wendling's sketch - Artguilds
Claire Wendling’s sketch – Artguilds

Claire Wendling’s sketch

Claire Wendling: “Forget Me Not”

The book “Forget me not” is one of the milestones of all the Claire Wendling collectors. Claire Wendling’s book are very often sold out and unavailable for a long time, but in this case, you can find your copy in the links we left under our book trailer.The book cover is rigid and illustrated by Claire with one of the sketches that perfectly describes the fantastic content of the book.The glowing colours of the cover contrast with the warm white pages inside, that enclose Claire Wendling‘s magic drawings.The book is bound in the traditional way. This is a very rich collection of drawings. As in every Claire Wendling collection, here is her common theme: fairies and animals.Completed between 2014 and 2016, the book is composed of 162 drawings and 16 uncompleted sketches and roughs.As you will see in our book trailer, each drawing is a creative expression of this beautiful, unique artist.

Claire Wendling “Forget me not”- Some pages of the book


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