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Gustav Klimt: drawings and watercolors. This is a superior collection for the lowest price

Gustav Klimt Biggest Collection Of Drawings And Watercolors, Super Affordable.

Gustav Klimt, Drawings and Watercolors - Artguilds
If aesthetics were a person his name would be Gustav Klimt. Austrian symbolist painter, born in 1862 he was one of the most important members of the Vienna Secession movement. Known throughout the world, Gustav Klimt was the famous creator of the “Kiss”. Beyond this masterpiece that counts thousands of visitors to the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere of Vienna every day, many aspects of his works remain hidden when we think of him. The exploration of sexual freedom, the search for beauty and grace, the desire to express himself in a pictorial way much more abstract and unconventional than society could accept, are just three of them. Many of his wonderful drawing explorations are pencil and watercolor and fortunately are collected in this wonderful art book “Gustav Klimt: drawings and watercolors”.
Gustav Klimt - Danae - ArtGuilds
Gustav Klimt – Danae – ArtGuilds

Gustav Klimt: Drawings and watercolors 

We have explored Klimt’s sweet erotic taste in our love article on “Gustav Klimt’s Erotic Drawings Are Still Too Strong For The World: See Them All Here” and now, instead, we present a masterful book that collects all the drawings he has conceived in his life. A complete collection of pencils, watercolors, even oil paintings is what you will find inside, because this book “Gustav Klimt: drawings and watercolors” was conceived to collect all Klimt’s production. Enriched with biographical and stylistic descriptions, this is the largest collection created on Klimt’s works of art, including drawings never reproduced before. Composed of 400 pages of double or single page drawings and paintings, we are talking about a rich and pulpy compendium of art, perfect for devotees and students. The compact format does not detract from the precious production enclosed inside.

Gustav Klimt: Drawings and Watercolors. Some pages of the book

Gustav Klimt: Drawings and Watercolors

The book we are presenting in our 4K video book review is: “Gustav Klimt: drawings and Watercolors” a full compendium of all his studies and works. An extraordinary book that allows you to have his works in your personal library and learn directly from him. This is a great opportunity! Enjoy!
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Here is the direct link for “Gustav Klimt: drawings and watercolors” at Amazon (affiliation)


Written by Jacob Mullan

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