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Gustav Klimt’s erotic drawings are still too strong for the world: see them all here

The Golden Artist’s Private Erotic Sketches

Gustav klimt erotic drawing -Artguilds
The most controversial erotic drawings of the past of Gustav Klimt. One of the most famous artist ever, is here narrated by his eroticcontroversial sketches of his models. When people sees something scary, they say it is wrong even if it is wonderful. When something scary, like free sexuality, become accepted by the common sense, then becomes art.
Gustav Klimt erotic drawing - ArtGuilds
Gustav Klimt Erotic drawings – ArtGuilds

Gustav Klimt – Erotic study

Gustav Klimt and the puritane issue

Many artists have made erotic drawings like Gustav Klimt, have made erotics drawings, even if they needed to keep them secret for their own safety, A proof of this matter of fact is given also by the discovery of William Turner‘s “black sketches”, that appeared only after his dead. Henry de Tolouse Lautrec is another example of this kind of taboo: he lived his whole life in a brothel, without ever being able to tell his family this truth. For her entire life, his mother believed that he was living a quiet and peaceful life in Paris. Lautrec’s paintings, is good to remember, are still one of the main attractions at the entrance of the Moulin Rouge, the heart of Pigalle’s wonders, in Paris.
Gustav klimt erotic drawing the imaginarium
Gustav Klimt Erotic drawings – ArtGuilds

Gustav Klimt – Erotic study

As many other artistsKlimt’s erotic drawings were not the first reason (nor the second) of his success. In fact, It was his golden aesthetic that gave him the chance to work for big institutions and that partly made possibile the acceptance of his nude figures by the society.

Gustav Klimt and the puritane issue

People were too puritan to see his paintings without feeling uncomfortable. That’s why there were two living Klimt: the unconstrained one, and the respectable one, who were making two distinguished types of paintings for two different kind of clients. The entire collection of erotic drawings by Gustav Klimt has been recently collected in a magnificent book, in which they have been wisely chosen with love and care. For the occasion, we have created a book showcase and a review that you can read here. Although modern times are different, Gustav Klimt‘s drawings are among the most poetic ones ever made, and many contemporary artists studied his aesthetic and later became famous for this reason too, in their own career . This is the demonstration that beauty is an immortal concept.

Gustav Klimt: The Gallery

And now, let me show you the best of the erotic sketches of this immortal artist: Ladies and Gentlemen, Gustav Klimt and his passion in high definition! People acknowledge the importance of Klimt’s art even in today’s world, giving his art a second life. It has been recently diffused again, in a wonderful book edition in which all his drawings are collected. You’ll find almost all of the most important works of Gustav Klimt (including the erotic ones). If you want to have a preview of the book, you can read this review and see a 4k book showcase here: “Gustav Klimt: drawings and watercolors. This is a superior collection for the lowest price”.


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