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J.C.Leyendecker has changed fashion destiny with the paintings of this book

J.C.Leyendecker Is One Of The Most Fascinating American Illustrator Ever.

Artist J.C.Leyendecker was a German-American illustrator who lived between 1874 and 1951. Famous for designing the covers for The Saturday Evening Posthe produced 322 covers for this magazine, becoming the first illustrator to be identified with his publications before Norman Rockwell. He arrived in America with his brothers at the age of 16, and together they opened a studio in Chicago’s Fine Arts Building. Here J.C.Leyendecker had his first commission for the famous magazine Post, becoming the first man who invented the modern idea of magazine design. This event launched Leyendecker’s career. Known for the aesthetic idealization of the “American archetype of beauty”J.C.Leyendecker was the creator of the character known as “The Arrow Collar Man”. This design was able to sell the Americans an idea they liked, creating not only a fashion that was recognizable and loved on their continent but all over the world.
J.C.Leyendecker, American Imagist - ArtGuilds
J.C.Leyendecker, American Imagist – ArtGuilds

J.C.Leyendecker ‘s Cover Book of “American Imagist”

J.C.Leyendecker – American Imagist

Get ready to be fascinated by this book on Leyendecker, because it has an extraordinary beauty. This is the first book about the artist in more than 30 years. The book is large in size. The cover is rigid and protected by a dust jacket. What makes this book great is its richness in illustrations, descriptions, splash pages, and multiple illustrations, that narrates in detail the life and the artworks of the illustrator. The brilliant and faithful printed colors are an added value that makes this book very dense and precious. Given the enormous amount of artworks produced by J. C. Leyendeker during his long career, the pleasant news is that the J.C.Leyendecker artworks have all been collected in this 228-page volume so that you will have everything you need to appreciate and study this Magnificent illustrator at 360 degrees and make his secrets yours.

J.C.Leyendecker – American Imagist

This is the first volume on the American artist’s artworks and collects his most important works, rare paintings, studies, other artworks, and all the commissions created for the Post. A better and complete edition does not exist yet. Here, if your aren’t sure about our words, you can let your eyes judge by seeing our 4k book trailer made just for you. Ladies and Gentlemens: “J.C.Leyendecker – American Imagist” Enjoy the video!
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