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James Jean conquered the comic book world thanks to these artworks

Enjoy The Psychedelic Imagination Of James Jean With This Book.

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James Jean Covers are incredibles

James Jean is a visionary artist who loves making art from his uncommon imagination. He is one of the most famous and requested artists in the art market. Born in Taiwan in 1979, he attended the School of Visual Arts close to his home, the only available during his young years. He started his career working for big comic book giants like DC and Marvel Comics. In his curriculum, He can count on two famous fashion collaborations with Prada: his illustrations have been used to create delightful bags and dreamy limited edition dresses, who were all shown in visual presentations that were entirely designed by Jean. This collaboration came probably from his most famous another one: the Cover books for Bill Willingham’s “Fables” (a DC Vertigo successful comic book series ). Began with the creation of the cover issue #81, the collaboration continues up now.

“Fables Cover Books” by James Jean

or: how can you posses his most wonderful covers all in once

The book has 205 pages full of illustrations, pencils, work in progress, and explanations. Designed to show James Jean’s work not only as a huge gallery but also as a study manual, each illustration describes how it was conceived and which techniques were used. The text is written in a very clear and descriptive way and most space has been given to images in high resolution on a single or double-page. A succulent collection of concepts, colors, and thoughts, perfect for all those who want their piece of the pie, and want to absorb Jean’s unique and psychedelic artistic approach, and apply it in their work. The book is bound. The large-size of the hardcover book only increases the sense of preciousness that one feels while holding it. The enormous amount of work enhances this pleasant perception of having a treasure in one’s hands.

James Jean : Pages of the book “Fables”



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