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John Singer Sargent: “The Masterworks” – 4k Book Showcase

John Singer Sargent, A Unique Painter Then And Now.

The Masterworks of John Singer Sargent - Artguilds
John Singer Sargent was an Italian-American painter born in the mid-1800s in Florence. He lived until the beginning of the century. Known for his unique style as a portrait painter he is considered “the leading portrait painter of his generation”. He produced over 900 oil paintings and 2000 watercolors during his lifetime in the most beautiful and picturesque cities of the world such as Venice, Florence, Corfu, and Florida. Sargent’s Watercolors have given us a priceless heritage of knowledge, thanks to his interpretation of reality. Although Sargent was initially more interested in landscapes, he soon found that portraiture was the best way to make a name for himself in the art world. His portraits were highly sought after by the upper class, and he quickly became one of the most in-demand portrait painters of his generation. His watercolors are still used by all painters – apprentices and not – to improve the understanding of reality and its chromatic manifestation.  
The Siesta - John Singer Sargent - ArtGuilds
The Siesta – John Singer Sargent – ArtGuilds

John Singer Sargent -The Masterworks

This book on Sargent is written and organized by Stephanie L. Herdrich. It is a collection of all his famous and brilliant paintings, including both oil and watercolors. The works are freshly accompanied by a detailed biographical description of the painter’s life. From his early Florentine years to his Parisian studies and then to his nomadic and worldly life, the book is like a fantastic journey into an extraordinary life. The hardcover directly explains the beauty of the book with the beautiful, magic painting ” Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose ”. The big dimension of the book also gives justice to the amount of work produced by Sargent. The high resolution paintings are reproduced with a very special attention to the chromatic fidelity of the originals. This is always a great added value, because it is a peculiarity not always respected. The 220 pages of paintings and descriptions of John Singer Sargent’s technique and life are collected with love – because it is tangible – by a researcher who certainly loved the painter. She has deepened his life by creating a complete and unique book. She succeeded brilliantly trying to transmit the artist’s talent, which is now at our disposal, both as admirers and as scholars.

“The Masterworks”: A very complete collection

rich, detailed and well-planned collection. This volume gives you all the Sargent’s works you need to study and deepen his technique and his aesthetic. Sargent is considered one of the greatest portrait painters of the nineteenth century. His work is characterized by its technical perfection, psychological insight, and ability to capture the essence of his subjects. This book will give you a huge demonstration of his immense talent, and will may inspire you to produce, better art. And now, to confirm our harangue of love for Sargent, here we present this book in a 4k book trailer made accurately for you! Ladies and Gentlemen: “John Singer Sargent: The Masterworks” Enjoy our 4K video trailer!
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