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John William Waterhouse 29 Terrific Paintings That Will Blast Your Eyes Right Now

J.W.Waterhouse Is The Greatest Of The Late Pre-Raphaelite Artists, For A Reason

John William Waterhouse - Artguilds
John William Waterhouse was an English-Italian painter considered one of the greatest exponents of late Pre-Raphaelite art. His delicate and romantic paintings told the stories of Greek-Roman myths as powerfully as like no other before him. Born in Rome in 1849 from two English painters: William and Isabella Waterhouse. This early period in Italy made a profound connection between him and Italy’s classical art heritage. Throughout his school education, his artistic talent lay dormant but still he was constantly obsessed by ancient history. His talent exploded during his first apprenticeship in his father’s Atelier. Through his early works, he gained a place in the Royal Academy of Art. He initially started to study sculpture, but then he moved to oil paint, becoming the painter we love.
A Naiad or Hylas with a Nymph, John William Waterhouse- ArtGuilds

John William Waterhouse: Hylas and the Nymphs

John William Waterhouse: a late born Pre-Raphaelite

John William Waterhouse oil paintings has often been associated with Pre-Raphaelite painters because of his devotion to painting beautiful women: In some cases, they were femme fatale or on the contrary, very delicate women. His most symbolist painting associated with the Pre-Raphaelite movement is “The Lady of Shallot”. The curious thing is that John William Waterhouse was unfortunately born too late to be part of the movement, so he is considered one of the Late Pre-Raphaelite artists. His most common themes were well-known stories of myths. Waterhouse is famous for choosing tragic or brutal stories and turn them into paintings with beauty or calm in them. His women have always a luminous porcelain skin, also when they are seeking their revenge. The beautiful skin is always sapiently contrasted by dark eyes and Ted Titian hairs.

John William Waterhouse: “The Lady of Shallott”

Like the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood artists, from which Waterhouse took so much inspiration, he used symbolism combined with this ethereal beauty. In the painting “The Lady of Shallot”, he used the act of floating into the water, like a symbolism of the woman’s stagnating life, constantly waiting for something that will fill her ideal existence. And now, here is a wonderful gallery with the most famous works of his huge painting production. Enjoy! If you like these marvelous paintings, I cannot suggest you enough a beautiful book ” Myth and Romance: Art of John William Waterhouse”and you may also like another interesting drawing excursus on Gustav Klimt: Gustav Klimt: drawings and watercolors. This is a superior collection for the lowest price”
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