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Judy Martin: “The encyclopedia of Pastel Technique” – 4K Book showcase

Judy Martin’s Book Is A Must Have For Pastel Lovers.

The Encyclopedia of pastel technique by Judy Martin- Artguilds
Judy Martin is an illustrator and author of many volumes of artistic techniques. She graduated from the University of California in 1969. In the following decade, she contributed to writing articles for Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and Quilter. In 1987, together with her husband, Judi Martin decided to found their publishing house: Crosley-Griffith, with which she began writing and publishing her most famous manuals. The title we propose today is “The encyclopedia of Pastel technique”. Other publications that you might find very useful are “The Block Book, Judy Martin’s Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference” and “Pierced Borders: The Complete Resource”.
The Encyclopedia of pastel technique by Judy Martin- ArtGuilds

Judy Martin’s book: How to use oil, soft, chalk pastels for beginners

The new edition of “The Encyclopedia of Pastel technique” is a rich compendium from A to Z of all the various pastel techniques invented so far. It describes page after page, a variety of different techniques, from oil pastels to water-soluble ones. Each technique is described in great detail with practical demonstrations step by step. The manual is heavy – illustrated, enriched also by the terminology and all the materials used for this technique. This beautiful manual describes each step with lots of photos and allows artists to discover many good pastel artists too. In fact, many people contributed to the book with work in progress and explanations well described. Reading this book is recommended both to those who are learning this technique and to those who already know it and would like to find new creative ways to use it. This encyclopedia also contains special techniques, such as block in color, stippling, hatching, and impressing, which are not often associated with soft pastels. The materials are exhaustively described, as are the media used and the supports too.

The encyclopedia of pastel techniques by Judy Martin

The Encyclopedia is a resource that brings together a wealth of stimulating ideas to help artists develop their style. The approach to the explanation is enriched by an interesting choice made by Judy Martin: to a better representation of all the applications of soft pastels, she invited a large number of artists specialized in this technique to contribute to the book. The final result is a collection of 176 pages full of different and well-explained styles. A very interesting and rich reading that allows those who want to explore, to have a rich collection of examples.
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