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Make a pencil drawing is easy if you know how, and yes, here you can learn it

Simple steps to turn better your skills

Make a pencil drawing is easy if you know how - Artguilds
Pencil drawing is the most practiced hobby ever, but despite common people, you probably need to elevate your drawing level to a higher one.Right?Would you like to learn how to draw in pencil in the right way, and capture your visions on paper in an expressive way? When we were children, the entire story was easier. We didn’t care what tool ended up in our hands: a marker pen, a pastel or a crayon. All we had to do was draw, and we were happy.When we became adults, having that feeling of satisfaction became more difficult, because of our self-pressure. But, it only takes a little to find your passion for pencil drawing again and, with a little more patience, feel satisfied like you did when you were a child.
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Pencil Drawing: How to capture your visions on paper?

Pencil Drawing: Where to start improving

To start your artistic rush, you need a good pencil and a drawing paper block, as well as a white eraser, a kneadable eraser, and a sharpener.With these tools, you can draw anywhere. The beauty of drawing is that it doesn’t require an atelier or the preparation of different art materials. In order to learn how to draw you need to start with simple subjects: like the ones you have next to you on your desk, on the dining table, next to the bed. A bottle, an apple, a candle… these will be the perfect starting subjects. Our advice is to write on each of your sketches the date of execution so that you can track – in the following weeks and months – your improvements.Once you have reached a good level of confidence drawing these subjects, you can move on to more complex ones, such as faces or the human body.In addition to direct observation, it may be useful to study anatomy, to make sure you draw will have the right proportions and elements.


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[…] Make a pencil drawing is easy if you know how, and yes, here you can learn it […]