Oil painting canvas: The key differences you need to know before you start painting

Canvas Is Your Main Support, Choose It With Care.

Differences between oil painting canvas - Artguilds
Oil Painting Canvas is the fundamental support of the artist, but it has not always been at the center of the artistic world. In this article, we will discover the various types on the market and some curiosities that will turn your mind about this tool, which in some cases is much more than a simple ‘support’ for our paintings. Oil Painting Canvas - ArtGuildsOil Painting Canvas: A cotton linen one

Oil Painting Canvas, Today

The oil painting canvases we use today are the result of centuries of improvements and refinements. Mostly made by a universal preparation, perfect to be used with oil paints and acrylic paints. The classic support is composed of the interweaving of flax fibers or, hemp and jute. In order to make these supports more accessible, other materials such as cotton and synthetic fibers, have gradually been used. It is difficult, anyway, to find a better canvas than the linen one.



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