Oil painting for beginners: 11 paralyzing mistakes you can easily dodge if you read this guide

Avoiding These 11 Errors Will Help You Improve Quickly.

Oil Painting Mistakes - Artguilds
Oil painting for beginners seems to be hard at first. If you have recently started painting with oil paints, you should make one these mistakes. This article, is aimed at all oil painting enthusiasts: to achieve satisfactory results, it is not enough to know how to paint; You also need to know perfectly how not to paint. Here there are the main mistakes to avoid when painting with oil paints.
Oil painting for beginners - ArtGuilds

Oil painting for beginners: The most common mistakes


1 – Use Too Little Color

All novice painters tend to use a little quantity of color. But a painting is not made by the canvas, but by the colors on the palette. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple and effective method for convincing even the most reluctant novices to use more color. Simply look a Van Gogh or Rembrandt‘s painting! This does not mean that all artists who want to paint in oil have to imitate these two painters, but it is enough to change the approach and start using a sufficient amount of color. To make sure you don’t make any more mistakes, you can also do a high-impact practical exercise: try to paint following the rule of making more than just 3 strokes without going back to your palette.

2 – Use Water As A Solvent

Here is a trivial error that can stun any master painter, but it is not uncommon among apprentice oil painters. In most cases, the people who make this mistake come from tempera colors and watercolors, which are characterized by a watery base. Oil painting for beginners - ArtGuilds Oil painting for beginners – ArtGuilds

Oil painting for beginners: Water is forbidden

3 – Use Oil Paints As They Come Out Of The Tube

Using oil paints as well as squeezed from the tube is quick and easy. Sometimes you can do it, but it doesn’t have to be the rule, it should be the exception. Why? Simple: you have to know that mixing different colors leads to a reduction in the saturation level. To keep this side effect under control, the oil colors on the market have a very high degree of saturation, but this does not correspond to colors in nature.

4 – Not Having A Method

You can paint following the inspiration of the moment. Nevertheless, you always need a method to avoid ruining a painting even before you have started it. Before you bring the brush closer to the canvas, be sure to decide which method to follow, to avoid annoying frustrations during the work.


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