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The art of jewellery has changed forever! How and what 3D software like Zbrush can do.

Jewellery making is an art that has many years of history, but has become much easier and more accessible thanks to 3D printing

Jewellery making is an art that has been around for many years, but has become much easier and more accessible thanks to 3D printing. With a little knowledge of computer graphics, you can now create your own jewellery from scratch using any of the many 3D software programs available on the market.

One of the most popular and interesting 3D software programs for jewellery making is Zbrush, which is known for its ability to create complex, detailed designs. If you’re looking for intricate and detailed jewellery, Zbrush is definitely the way to go, for it is rapidly becoming the software of choice for jewellery artists looking for complex, intricate and detailed designs, due to its ability to create stunningly detailed designs that would be otherwise impossible to recreate.

Zbrush’s proprietary technology allows for incredibly detailed and complex sculpting, regardless of the size of the object. 

The above pendant, in the shape of a bear’s claw, is a perfect example of this. The pendant was designed and created by Russian artist Nikolay Vorobyov

He first created a digital model of the pendant using 3D software. This digital model was then used to create a mold, which was then used to cast the pendant in gold. 

This pendant is a beautiful example of what can be created when combining modern sculpting techniques with traditional goldsmithing techniques.

Jack DuRose, a modern jewellery artist, is a huge fan of Zbrush and its many benefits. He says, “Zbrush has allowed me to create organic patterns that traditionally could only have been created by carving on clay. The creative freedom to manipulate individual elements, giving the work a perfect sense of balance and movement is unparalleled. The workflow is much less restrictive than that of other CAD software specific to jewellery design”.

Zbrush has continued to integrate more and more functions, tools and operations aimed at the skilful ‘craftsmanship‘ of 3D meshes, over the years, from Boolean operations, to the management of complex patterns thanks to tools such as Dynamesh, from IMM brushes for inserting new objects on the surface for ‘decoration’, to direct export for 3D printing.

The application of this new way of understanding the art of jewellery making has yielded some impressive results.

Jack Du Rose piece example

Zbrush artist and jewlery designer A. Sasikumar, won the Jaipur Jewlery Choice Design Award, for the creation of a beautiful necklace created entirely with Zbrush. The details of the creation are incredibly intricate and masterfully sculpted, two aspects that have greatly benefited from the inherent peculiarities of Zbrush. Sasikumar’s necklace is a perfect example of the amazing things that can be created with Zbrush. The detail and craftsmanship is incredible, and it’s made even more impressive by the fact that it was created entirely in Zbrush. This is a truly incredible feat, and it just goes to show what’s possible with this amazing software.

On the other side of the world, in California, internationally acclaimed jewellery designer Dilek Sezen is using Zbrush to create extremely futuristic and/or distinctive wearable accessories. Sezen is using Zbrush to push the boundaries of what’s possible in jewellery design, and her creations are truly unique and stunning. If you want to see some of her work, you can check out the official Zbrush forum at:

The artist discipline is being forcibly revolutionised by the potentialities of 3D. This world and artist discipline counts and asserts itself thanks to the artistic talent of visionary and modern minds. 

It’s clear that even the world’s most established artists are having to change the way they work, thanks to the amazing potential of 3D technology. And it’s all thanks to the vision and talent of the artists who are using it to its full potential. 

To let you discover the potential of 3d and jewelry making, with the help of 3d printing, watch this useful tut, made by Grace Note Forge :

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