Watercolor paper: Fundamental things you need to know before you use it

Choose The Right Watercolor Paper That Fits Your Needs.

Watercolor paper foundamentals - Artguilds
There are many types of painting paper on the market, but the question is only one: what is the paper that will give you the result you are looking for? As soon as you know the answer to this question, your choice will become automatic. To do so, you need to know which are the characteristics of the different types of painting paper on the market. Watercolor paper - Art GuildsWatercolor paper: Which is the best for you?

Watercolor Paper: Weight Or Gsm – Why it is so essential?

Many people confuse weight and thickness, thinking that these two terms are synonymous. This is absolutely not the case: thickness expresses the actual size of the paper, while the weight corresponds to the value in grams per square meter of the paper, and its density. For example Bible paper has a weight of 30 grams per square meter, photocopy paper reaches an average of 80 grams per square meter. For painting paper, on the other hand, it is difficult to fall below 150 grams per square meter. The choice of weight is crucial for any type of technique, but it becomes a particularly important criterion when we talk about the watercolor paper. We are dealing with very wet colors, and with water that will tend to deform the sheet. According to your style and technique, you can choose albums with more or less high weights. Those who work at speed and with little water can use sheets of 200 grams. Those who use more water will have to use weights equal to or more than 300 grams.



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[…] Watercolor paper: Fundamental things you need to know before you use it […]